49 and Market – ARToptions Plum Grove Collection – Fabric Tape Assortment


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This package includes four rolls of repositionable fabric tape and is part of the ARToptions Plum Grove Collection designed by Katie Pertiet for 49 and Market. There are two rolls that measure 0.5″ in width, one roll that measures 1″ in width, and one roll that measures 2.5″ in width. Each roll is 5 meters long or 16.4 feet. There is one small orange roll, one small roll with watercolor splotches and splashes, one plum roll with worn text, and one large roll filled with flowers. There is an optional slide cutter included in the package for a straight cut and to secure the ends of the rolls for easy access the next time you use it. This tape can be used to decorate journals, planners, and envelopes. This tape can be used as an adhesive for lightweight embellishments. It can be used as a sticker. It can be used as a background on tags and other small crafts. This tape can also be used on cards, scrapbook pages, and other paper crafting, mixed media, and home decor projects.


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