Ranger Ink – Tim Holtz – Distress Foundry Wax – Kit 2 (Sterling/Statue) by Tim Holtz


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This package includes two bottles of Distress Foundry Wax designed by Tim Holtz for Ranger Ink. This package contains two bottles, each bottle contains 0.5 fluid ounces of product. One bottle is Sterling and the other is Statue. This Foundry Wax is a medium that works on both porous and nonporous surfaces and will create metallic highlights on both surfaces. This fluid wax when heated transforms into a very vibrant metallic finish. Be careful when using this product, it is a flammable liquid with a very strong vapor. You will love designing with this new, innovative wax and it will become a staple whenever you need a bit of a metallic, waxy finish on your products.


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